Suntime Anti Age-Spot Face Cream SPF10

Suntime Anti Age-Spot Face Cream SPF10

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Sun cream for face, neck, décolleté and hands that helps diminish sun spots when used regurarly (low protection, water resistant)


Sun cream specifically for the face, neck, décolleté and hands. Low protection. SPF 10. Quickly absorbed no traces. Water resistant


Anti-aging and antispot tanning treatment.


Solar Filters (UVB+UVA): provides the protection factor.
Jojoba Oil: nourishes, hydrates and soothes. Provides the skin with a long-lasting tan.
Cupuacu Butter: possesses hydrating properties, is rich in phytosterols, helps to maintain the skin’s lipid film by minimizing dryness and also has the ability to shield from the UVB rays responsible for causing sunburn.
Phototan®: tan intensifier. Made up by biomolecules and original combinations based on complex, natural amino acid salts.
Andiroba Oil: regenerates, repels insects.
Unicontrozon: a complex of active ingredients derived from plants (fumaria officinalis, citrus medica limonum and fumaric acid). Limits the damaging effects of ozone on the skin. In particular, it prevents the destruction of hyaluronic acid.
Aloe: soothes, softens, refreshes.
Apricot Extract: keeps the skin soft.
Vitamin E: fights free radicals and counters oxidation.
Tyr-ExcelTM: tanning accelerator. A combination of Oleoyl Tyrosine (the main precursor of melanin) with oil of Luffa Cylindrica seeds.
SMC (Special Moisturizing Complex): moisturizing.
Red Grape Extract: antioxidant.
Beech Bud Extract: antiage function.
PEC (Plant Extract Complex): helps to prevent the intensification of sun spots by regulating the production of melanin.
Coffee Extract: to protect the skin from damage caused by UV rays.


Apply before each sun exposure and frequently


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