Our mission is to bring inspiration and beauty to everyone


After several years of research and development by loyal employees, we decided to go public with Curasano in 2008.

Curasano's mission is to develop products aimed at providing an improved feeling of well-being. We want to improve and enrich the lives of individuals by creating valuable and qualitative cosmetic and health products. With our range of natural products, we want to provide a healthy way to give your body and mind a beautiful and attractive aura.

The Curasano headquarters are located in Belgium. A team of professionals is working around the clock to develop quality products by applying their collective knowledge and visionary approach. Thanks to this strategy, Curasano was able to become the values aesthetics company it is today.

Today, we offer a wide range of skin care and cosmetic products:

  • Natural self-tanners
  • Anti-aging masks
  • Anti-aging cream
  • Applications using our patented "Creaking Bubbles technology"
  • Vegetable and mineral skin care
  • Dermatological cosmetics

Curasano wants to play a leading role on the European market in the areas of health and natural skincare. Curasano products position themselves in a higher price range, and offer only top quality aimed mainly at professional market segments such as pharmacies, beauty specialists and institutions, perfume shops, tanning centers, business hotels, cruise ships and other exclusive partners.