Shape CreamGel

Shape CreamGel

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Creamgel that slims and remodels the treated area, specifically formulated for abdomen, hips and waistline


Cream gel with a light texture, specifically formulated for abdomen, hips and waistline.


Girdle effect, slims and remodels the area treated.


Liposlim Complex: thermogenic complex based on synephrine (bitter orange) and caffeine.
Perù Liana: it blocks the accumulation of fat at the source by preventing it from being drawn from the bloodstream by the adipocytes.
Sunflower Oil: soothing and protective.
Extract of Chili Pepper: vasodilator. Contains pepsicum, lechitin, ascorbic acid, capsaicin, carotenoids, asparagine, serine, vitamin B, C, P, tocopherol, polyunsatured fatty acid.
Tocopherol: antioxidant, anti-free radical.
Gotu Kola: increases elasticity, skin restoring, soothing. Stimulates the production of collagen. Contains flavonoids, amino acids, phytosterols.
Pineapple Juice: combats cellulite, drains, couters fluid retention.
Caobromina: lipolitico, antiradicalico, antistress.
SMC (Special Moisturizing Complex): moisturizing.
Ivy: decongestant, astringent, skin purifier. Contains flavonoids, caffeic acid, mineral salts (Copper, Manganese, Lithium, Aluminium), carotene, tocoferol (vit. E).
Horse Chestnut: antiedematous, astringent, toning, redness reducing, vasoprotector. Strengthens capillary permeability. Contains aescin, curarine, purine and vitamins B, C and D.
Filmogenous Complex: firming effect. 
Refreshing Agent.
Anti-Congestion Agent: combats congestion.


Apply with a short massage. Hot flushes and varying degrees of redness depending on the skin type are caused by the product's reactivating action. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Do not use on irritated skin, mucous membranes or lesions.


Daily, preferably morning and evening.

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