Perform Eyelip Cream (15ml)

Perform Eyelip Cream (15ml)

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Moisturizing cream that smooths and tones the skin around eyes and lips


Cream with a gentle, light texture.


Performs three synergistic actions on the skin around the eyes and lips: it moisturizes, tones and smooths with gentle, deep, long-lasting action.


Eyeliss (plant-based active ingredient that combats bags under the eyes): based on flavonoids and polypeptides, it acts directly on the causes of bags under the eyes and improves the elasticity of the skin.
Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10): oxygenating. The central link in the chain of energy transport.
Vitamin E: combats free radicals, antioxidant.
Vitamin F: skin restoring, protective.
OXY (exclusive oxygenating factor): stimulates cellular respiration.
Red grape: combats free radicals, antioxidant.
Jasmine extract: combats stress.
Elder: astringent, emollient, toning. Contains, tannins, sugars.
Panthenol: skin restoring (stimulates cellular proliferation and helps repair skin tissue).
Jojoba oil: protective, emollient, nourishing.


Apply to clean, toned eye and lip area, patting lightly with the fingertips, without massaging, until completely absorbed.
Proceed by applying the most appropriate cream for skin type.


PROFESSIONAL: in professional face treatments.
HOME: every evening; for intensive treatment, apply morning and evening.

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