Lift Up Gel Bust & Buttocks

Lift Up Gel Bust & Buttocks

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Silky gel for bust, décolleté and buttocks that restores tone and firmness while helping to prevent stretch marks


Gel with a light, silky texture. Specifically for bust, décolléte and buttocks, it is rapidly absorbed and non-greasy.


With an immediate tightening effect, it restores compactness and firmness to the skin, helping to prevent stretch marks.


Distilled Mint Water: refreshing, aromatic.
Distilled Witch Hazel Water: astringent, decongestant, toning.
NMF (Reconstructed): “physiological” skin moisturiser, it increases the water content in skin, improving firmness.
Soya Bean, Corn and Wheat Proteins: moisturising, protective.
Contain essential amino acids.
Bamboo Core: rich in silicon, it influences the structure, strength and elasticity of the skin.
Refirming (Firming Plant Complex): this is a blend of plant derivatives that have a noticeable firming, toning and elasticising effect on the skin.
Hops Extract: toning, stimulating, firming.
MHA: derived from organic silicon, an element in the skin connective tissue, it improves the elasticity of the tissues, helping to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.
Polyimide: forms a thin film on the surface of the skin, resulting in a noticeable tightening effect.


PROFESSIONAL: as for TeN Firming Bust&Buttocks Method (Guide Nine) combined with FIRMING10 Bust Method or Buttocks Method.
HOME: apply with light circular movements, from the base of the bust up to the neck, and in an upwards direction on the buttocks.


PROFESSIONAL: in professional treatments for bust or buttocks.
HOME: every day, preferably morning and evening.


125 ml bottle professional use Cod PF004150

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