Creaking Bubbles Anti-Cellulite

Creaking Bubbles Anti-Cellulite

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Creaking Bubbles Anti-Cellulite with active firming components against fat desposits and cellulite

The Creaking Bubbles technology uses the kinetic energy released by the unique micromassage effect to effectively enhance the operation of the product on the skin, resulting in a rapid absorption of the active ingredients into the deeper skin layers. The active ingredients contain caffeine and asiatic pennyworth. These ingredients help to ensure a reduction in fat mass, resulting in the elimination of the typical “orange peel” effect of cellulite, stretch marks and adiposity. They also stimulate the microcirculation of the blood vessels in the skin to speed up the process of breaking down the stored fat.

Instructions for use

Shake very firmly before usage to ensure that the consistency of the product transforms from liquid to solid form. Spray on handpalm and distribute small quantities on the appropriate places of the body. Slowly massage until the product is absorbed. The massage movements increase the effect of the operation by the micro bubbles. This product can be used several times a day.

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