Suntime IntensivOil SPF2

Suntime IntensivOil SPF2

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Tanning oil for the face and body, dry and light with a non-greasy formula, ideal for skin that’s already been exposed to the sun. SPF 2.
Stimulates and accelerates tans, leaving the skin soft and silky.


Solar Filters (UVB+UVA): provides the protection factor.
Cupuacu Oil: possesses hydrating properties, is rich in phytosterols, helps to maintain the skin’s lipid film by minimizing dryness and also has the ability to shield from the UVB rays responsible for causing sunburn.
Tyr-ExcelTM: tanning accelerator. A combination of Oleoyl Tyrosine (the main precursor of melanin) with oil of Luffa Cylindrica seeds.
Carrot Oil: prevents the premature aging of the skin, protects it from the damage caused by sun exposure, allows for a healthy and long-lasting tan.
Vitamin E: fights free radicals and counters oxidation.
Aloe: soothes, softens, refreshes, tones.
Jojoba Oil: nourishes, hydrates and soothes. Provides the skin with a long-lasting tan.
Wheat Germ Oil: softens, moisturizes, restores, nourishes. Contains triglycerides of polyunsaturated fatty acids, phospholipids, Vitamins E and F.
Andiroba Oil: regenerates, repels insects.


Apply to the sun before and frequently during the exposure to the sun.

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